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Food Commodities

As DeLande Group continues to grow, we will strive to enhance the lives of residents in archipelagos around the world.  DeLande Group will import commodities such as rice, sugar, and flour to these islands.  We will deliver these commodities by air, water and land while minimizing the cost of goods sold.

Key in the Lock

Real Estate

As DeLande Group continues to gain momentum in its growth, its mission and purpose will be maintained to better the resident’s way of life on the archipelagos around the world. Our first priority is not to earn a profit but rather to provide to our customers and their clients with quality products and services; one being real estate.  DeLande Group will invest in residential, commercial, industrial and land real estate.

Sustainable Energy

Wind and Solar Power

As DeLande Group continues to work vigorously to imbed our footprint throughout the archipelagos around the world, we will develop renewable energy alternatives, wind and solar power, to improve the way of life of those surrounded by water.